Home Automation with Belkin Wemo, Twilio, and Siri
December 31, 2013 – 2:57 am | No Comment

Ultimate Hack Mashup – Belkin Wemo + Twilio + Siri

A quick note: For another home automation trick and those interested in finding out about the earlier Twillio callbox+TV popup/notification hack check out STEM (https://github.com/ericblue/STEM).  Certain …

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Quantified Self is a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking. There are number of posts on my device “hacking”, open source development, and my own quantified experiments.

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Quantified Self Meets Virtual Reality
October 27, 2013 – 5:06 pm | One Comment
Quantified Self Meets Virtual Reality

This week I’ve had a few of my interests intersect – the Quantified Self, virtual reality, biofeedback / neurofeedback, and consciousness.  Earlier this year I came across the Oculus Rift , a next gen virtual reality …

Life Beyond Zeo
June 9, 2013 – 9:54 pm | 11 Comments

We knew the inevitable was coming, but as of last week it appears Zeo has finally shut down.  When I posted the FreeMyZeo site the other week I was hoping their API servers would stay …

Quantified Strength
May 26, 2013 – 12:15 am | No Comment
Quantified Strength


For the past 6 months I’ve been obsessed with the idea of strength.  Actually, obsessed is probably  a strong word but let’s just say *very* focused on being functionally strong and balanced. This is a …

Quantified Self Show & Tell – My Data Discovery
June 23, 2012 – 4:42 pm | No Comment
Quantified Self Show & Tell – My Data Discovery

It’s been ages since I’ve written a blog post so I figured now is a good time to break the dry spell.  I recently hosted the Los Angeles Quantified Self meetup and gave a …

Jawbone UP API Discovery
November 28, 2011 – 9:42 am | 14 Comments
Jawbone UP API Discovery

On Saturday I stopped by the Apple store and picked up an UP device by Jawbone. The UP is a wristband and iPhone app that will track your fitness and sleep activity and help encourage you to live a more active life style. As with most of my Quantified Self gadets (Fitbit, Zeo, Withings, Neurosky, etc.) my first reaction was to “free my data”. Similar to my initial journey with the Fitbit, I was inspired to find an “unofficial” way to get access to the data.

Life Logging and Location Tracking
October 16, 2011 – 6:41 pm | No Comment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy working on my Quantified Self-related interests: working on my personal tracking projects and organizing the QS Los Angeles meetups. Yesterday I gave a …

MindStream – NeuroSky EEG Data Streamer
July 24, 2011 – 11:33 am | 31 Comments
MindStream – NeuroSky EEG Data Streamer

Since I last posted on the NeuroSky Brainwave Visualizer, I decided to write a simple app to “stream” brainwave/EEG data from NeuroSky devices (the MindWave & MindSet).  I couldn’t find any apps to save the …

Neurosky Brainwave Visualizer
July 13, 2011 – 8:36 am | 19 Comments
Neurosky Brainwave Visualizer

I recently purchased a Neurosky Windwave EEG device ($100 model).  The Mindwave measures your brain’s electrical activity, and can detect your level of focus (attention vs. mediation) and measure typical brainwave patterns (beta, alpha, theta, …

Automatically sync & import Garmin TCX data
July 10, 2011 – 3:22 pm | No Comment

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been gradually increasing the supported devices for TRAQS.me.  As of today, I’ve successfully integrated FitBit, Withings, GPS data (GPX files), MyZeo, and now Garmin Heartrate monitors (TCX files).

Devices like …

TRAQS.me – Tools for Reporting & Analysis of the Quantified Self
June 26, 2011 – 8:40 pm | No Comment
TRAQS.me – Tools for Reporting & Analysis of the Quantified Self

A month ago around this time I was anxiously awaiting the first annual Quantified Self conference in Mountain View, CA. This was a fantastic conference on many levels and, although a little late, deserves a …