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Artwork Focus: Tonalism

Reading Time: 2 minutes For the past month, I’ve been researching more on the Tonalism style of art. This was a very popular style of art in the early-mid 1800s to early 1900s before Impressionism became the rage. I really like the mood / atmosphere, and darker color themes and stories you can tell with light. I particularly like…
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Announcing ActiveOS

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s been quite a while since I’ve regularly written a blog post.  I’m hoping to change that after the New Year and start writing regularly again as I have a lot to share, and much has been happening since the blog has been active.  With that in mind, my health & fitness tech startup – ActiveOS…
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The Creative Breakthrough: Lessers Give Up, Masters are Stronger

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’m currently working my way through the excellent book Mastery by Robert Greene.  Actually, I’m listening to it as an audio book through  I’ve never been a fan of audio books, but I’ve found that it’s great to listen every day for about 30 minutes or so on my morning walk.  It may take a while…
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Quantified Strength

Reading Time: 6 minutes Background For the past 6 months I’ve been obsessed with the idea of strength.  Actually, obsessed is probably  a strong word but let’s just say *very* focused on being functionally strong and balanced. This is a far cry from where I was 3-4 years ago after chronic lower back issues originating during lifting (squatting specifically).…
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Quantified Self Show & Tell – My Data Discovery

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s been ages since I’ve written a blog post so I figured now is a good time to break the dry spell.  I recently hosted the Los Angeles Quantified Self meetup and gave a talk on my “QS Data Discovery”.  In a nutshell, I’ve been aggregating and storing data for 2+ years.  This presentation shows…
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MindStream – NeuroSky EEG Data Streamer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since I last posted on the NeuroSky Brainwave Visualizer, I decided to write a simple app to “stream” brainwave/EEG data from NeuroSky devices (the MindWave & MindSet).  I couldn’t find any apps to save the EEG data so I decided to write a system tray app that will save data to a file and broadcast…
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Firefox Scrapbook Hacks – Viewing and Saving Webpages from Anywhere!

Reading Time: 4 minutes This weekend I decided to wrap up a couple cool knowledge management “hacks” and share some code on GitHub.  I primarily use the Firefox Scrapbook plugin to save all web pages of interest and use it as a general “digital snippet” repository. Since I started using Scrapbook in 2006 there have been a number of…
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Fitness Tracking Platform – Personal Informatics for Fitness

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I woke up this morning, I didn’t say to myself “Boy, I don’t have enough going on and need to add just ONE more huge hobby project to my list!”.  But these things tend to happen, and when creative ideas ‘pop up’ it’s best to take action and at least start writing them down. …
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Fitbit – Unofficial Perl API and CSV Download

Reading Time: < 1 minute The other week I received my Fitbit and have been in geek heaven ever since. Fitbit is a tiny magical device($99 USD) that automatically tracks your fitness and sleep statistics. Throughout the day it will track your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, your activity level, and even track your sleep patterns. All of this…
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Tony Buzan’s First USA Tour in a Decade

Reading Time: 3 minutes I recently discovered that Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, will be coming to the US next month to host a variety of exclusive talks, training events and accredited courses. I found out about this tour from Kathleen Church, the Media Relations Liaison for ThinkBuzan, and she informed me that Tony will be conducting these workshops in Minneapolis, San Francisco, and New York from May 3rd to the 18th. Not only does the content of the workshops look great, but given that this is Tony’s first US visit in over a decade this looks like an opportunity worth pursuing.