Month: November 2013

Weekly Lifestream for November 13th

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shared Weekly Lifestream for November 6th. Weekly Lifestream for November 6th Whoever handles social media at @Gizmodo needs fired. Shame on them for posting snuff videos. Forget off topic.. beyond disrespectful. Shared 5 Big Happiness Myths Debunked–And The Power Of Negative Thinking | Fast Company | Business Innovation. Building a ’45s era memex makes me…
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Weekly Lifestream for November 6th

Reading Time: 2 minutes So, after numerous relapses and a multi-year battle and hard work I graduated out of chronic back pain and have been injury free for a while I’m getting into Foundation Training as a way to improve posture, work on mobility, and secondary muscles. I’ve been focused on majorly improving strength this past year, but am…
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