Announcing ActiveOS
December 9, 2016 – 4:06 pm | No Comment

It’s been quite a while since I’ve regularly written a blog post.  I’m hoping to change that after the New Year and start writing regularly again as I have a lot to share, and much …

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Increasing number of articles dealing with philosophy and psychology. Topics include Integral philosophy, consciousness, and age old advice on how to live “the good life”.

Personal Development

Learn tips and tricks on GTD (Getting Things Done), goal setting, time management, and increasing your personal power.

Mind Mapping

Put mind mapping to use in your personal and professional life. Learn tips and techniques on enhancing creativity, accelerating learning, and increasing productivity.

Knowledge Management

My latest discoveries on personal knowledge management. Discover what PKM is all about, learn about the Semantic Web, and find out how to use Wikis to help track all of your important information.

Quantified Self

Quantified Self is a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking. There are number of posts on my device “hacking”, open source development, and my own quantified experiments.

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Firefox Scrapbook Hacks – Viewing and Saving Webpages from Anywhere!
April 3, 2011 – 1:12 pm | 5 Comments
Firefox Scrapbook Hacks – Viewing and Saving Webpages from Anywhere!

This weekend I decided to wrap up a couple cool knowledge management “hacks” and share some code on GitHub.  I primarily use the Firefox Scrapbook plugin to save all web pages of interest and use …

IPad Tip: How To Convert HTML to PDFs
May 3, 2010 – 10:24 pm | 3 Comments

Since I bought my iPad a few weeks ago, you can’t seem to pull me away from it.  I have a number of computers, and while I still use my Netbook quite a bit, I’ve …

Knowledge To Go: Put Your Wiki On Your IPhone
December 13, 2009 – 10:39 pm | 8 Comments
Knowledge To Go: Put Your Wiki On Your IPhone

Building my own personal knowlege manager has been quite a journey. Over the last couple years I’ve taken a “piece meal” approach and slowly built up the features of my system one component at a time. One major feature that has always been on my mind is data portability. Last week I wrote an article on how to sync your digial scrapbook between multiple computers and even sync to your wiki. This feature had me thinking about how I could take portability to the next level.

iPhone Apps for Education
December 12, 2009 – 10:54 am | One Comment

ICTAC MEMO iPhone Apps for Education

The Value of Theoretical Models & Conceptual Maps
May 24, 2009 – 1:21 pm | No Comment

What is the true benefit and practical application of uber theories like Integral and Spiral Dynamics?
I’ve been thinking about this topic recently, and there were a few Twitter conversations (tweets) yesterday that prompted me too …

1.5 Million Books in Your Pocket
February 5, 2009 – 10:33 pm | One Comment

Great news for mobile/cell owners and those who love learning:

“One of the great things about an iPhone or Android phone is being able to play Pacman while stuck in line at the post office. Sometimes …

Buddha on Understanding
December 14, 2008 – 10:48 pm | No Comment

From the Science of Oneness by Malcolm Hollick (p 163).
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh explains:
The Buddha … said that in order to understand, you have to be one with what you want to understand. …
The …

Personal Learning Plans
December 14, 2008 – 8:43 pm | 2 Comments
Personal Learning Plans

If you consider yourself an autodidact, or are an aspiring polymath, then this post may be of interest.

Time and Time Again
November 5, 2008 – 8:24 am | No Comment
Over the last couple years, I’ve collected links to a number of sites that offer timeline-based browsing and thought I would share. Many of these sites are quite helpful for a number of areas …

Learn To Think Visually, Or Else!
August 28, 2008 – 5:44 pm | No Comment

Jamie Nast, author of the popular book Idea Mapping and the Idea Mapping Success Blog, is one of the most world’s most prolific trainers and speakers on the topic of visual mapping. In this interview, she candidly explains why it’s critical that executives learn to express their ideas visually, using hand-drawn idea maps and mind mapping software, and the risks of not doing so.