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Fitness Tracking Platform – Personal Informatics for Fitness

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I woke up this morning, I didn’t say to myself “Boy, I don’t have enough going on and need to add just ONE more huge hobby project to my list!”.  But these things tend to happen, and when creative ideas ‘pop up’ it’s best to take action and at least start writing them down. …
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Vision for Humanity

Reading Time: < 1 minute Malcolm has just released a new video on YouTube.

Use Mind Maps to Achieve Your Goals

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why is it that the beginning of the year always feels electrical with the excitement of *this year* being the one where you achieve all of your most important goals? Like most people, starting on New Year’s, I spend time thinking about my goals, write many of them down, and start taking action. While I…
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Vision Statement Seminars Coming Soon

Reading Time: < 1 minute Malcolm Cohan, an audacious visionary, has decided to take his vision statement seminars abroad and will be coming to the United States soon. For those of you who haven’t yet heard about Malcolm, or his vision statement movement, check out this article I wrote a few months ago. Malcolm’s first stop will be in Los…
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My Vision Statement

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last month I posted about a new Internet phenomenon created by Malcolm Cohan. Malcolm’s idea is for people to create their own personal video vision statement. I signed up for an online seminar that was held on New Year’s day. The purpose of this seminar was to show you how to create your own video.…
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The Ten Part Mental Fitness Program

Reading Time: < 1 minute I just finished reading a great article title The Ten Part Mental Fitness Program. In this article, the author Kelly Huston provides 10 tips for improving your way of thinking and approach to personal development. 1. Think About the Future 2. Create a Five-Year Vision 3. Take a Test Every Day 4. Think About Your…
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True Success Formula: Action + Visualizing = Actualizing!

Reading Time: 2 minutes I just finished reading an awesome post and discussion on Brian’s Blog on Zaadz. Brian posted a link to Dan Millman’s thoughts on The Secret. I’d like to first comment on Dan’s article, then on the comments that followed on Brian’s blog. Dan Millman, author of numerous self-help books such as Way of the Peaceful…
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Vision Statement: The Power of Goal Visualization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Update: I’ve created my own vision statement, and posted here. I found an amazing video this evening on A gentleman from Australia named Malcolm Cohan has put together a fantastic production titled “Think It So” that illustrates the power of goal visualization. You can visit his website here. Or, his YouTube page here. His…
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Go With The Flow!

Reading Time: < 1 minute The guys at 37 Signals have posted a great article on the topic of Flow. I first heard about Flow in the mid-nineties and have always kept this book (Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience) on my ever growing read/wish list. After reading this article I think it’s about time I start digging into this…
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Analyzing Models of Change

Reading Time: < 1 minute Since my last post, The Ebb and Flow of Goals and Personal Growth, I’ve been digging deeper into the complex subject of change. I read a great post yesterday at The Practice of Leadership blog, titled The structures and tensions required to make change. George Ambler reviews 3 models/formulas dealing with change: The Paradigm Shift…
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