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Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Reading Time: 1 minute Although things have been slightly hectic, I’ve still had some great chances to get in touch with the great outdoors. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been on a number of hikes and trips to the beach. Here are some photos

Off to PA!

Reading Time: 1 minute Well, I’m off to Pennsylvania tomorrow and will be spending time with friends and family for the next 5 days. I plan to be less “plugged-in” than usual. But, I’m sure I’ll be Twittering away and catching up on my RSS feeds. I have a *ton* of blog posts I want to get done by…
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Creating the Ultimate Personal Travel Journal

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since I last posted about Vannevar Bush’s vision for a Personal Memex, I decided to focus my efforts on building an impressive personal travel journal, and share the results to illustrate the capabilities of a Memex.

I Hear the Florida Keys are Nice This Time of Year

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Hiking in Sedona, AZ

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My Travels This Week

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SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/23/07)

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SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/22/07)

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SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/21/07)

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Touch Down in Santa Clara

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