Month: July 2008

Embedding Mind Maps Into Your Wiki

Reading Time: 2 minutes Late last year I enthusiastically blogged about a new service I created to let you share and embed your mind maps directly into your website.

Creating the Ultimate Personal Travel Journal

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since I last posted about Vannevar Bush’s vision for a Personal Memex, I decided to focus my efforts on building an impressive personal travel journal, and share the results to illustrate the capabilities of a Memex.

Comprehensive Mind Map Research and Reports

Reading Time: 1 minute

Microblogging…. I Just Don’t Get It!

Reading Time: 3 minutes You can call this an uninformed rant if you like, but I seriously can’t comprehend all the buzz that is surrounding the “MicroBlogging phenomenon”.

Ralph Waldo Emerson On Productivity

Reading Time: 2 minutes