Month: May 2007

Microsoft Surface

Reading Time: < 1 minute From Popular Mechanics: Microsoft has quietly been developing the first completely new computing platform since the PC — a project that was given the internal code name Milan. This past March, when the project was still operating on the down low, I became the first reporter invited inside these offices. My hosts politely threatened legal…
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3rd Party Digg Tools – Can you Digg it?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Brian Shaler hosts a fantastic collection of Digg visualization tools at Some of these tools include the Wheel of Upcoming Stories, the Digg RADAR, and DiggTaggr Data Visualization.

Hiking in Sedona, AZ

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’m still working on wrapping up my photo album from the trip. But, thought I would share a photoset that I uploaded to FlickR. These pictures are taken primarily at the Airport mesa and Bell Rock trails. The panaramic is a beautiful 360 degree picture at the top of the airport mesa.

My Travels This Week

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week is going to be jam packed. I’m leaving this evening to go on vacation to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Some of the notable places I’m stopping at are Las Vegas, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park. I’ll have sporadic net access, but I’ll try to post some pics.

Recommended Mind Mapping Blogs and Resources

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mindjet just published a list of recommended blogs focusing on mind mapping. I’m happy to say that my blog made it on the list, and some of my more popular mind mapping articles were featured. I also discovered some new blogs that I wasn’t aware of. If you’re interested in mind mapping, please do check…
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Pachelbel Rant

Reading Time: < 1 minute A little bit of music humor for the weekend….

33 Rules to Boost Your Productivity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Steve Pavlina has posted another great series of articles! I have to say this series is one of my favorites. 33 Rules to Boost Your Productivity (Ariticle one, two, and three) has quite a collection of useful advice to become a more productive individual. Here are some of my personal favorites: Article 1 7 –…
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Interview with Steve Pavlina

Reading Time: 11 minutes C4Chaos (Coolmel) recently posted a great series of articles featuring an interview with Steve Pavlina.  I’m a big fan of Steve, and have a great affinity for Integral Philosophy as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and would highly recommend reading Coolmel’s posts. Article inline… B-SCAN is a series of interviews with bloggers who are…
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Reading Time: < 1 minute Lee Byron at has posted an article illustrating some visualization using the social music service.