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Visual Network Tools for Investors and Companies

Reading Time: < 1 minute I just finished reading an amazingly interesting article on Guy Kawasaki’s blog titled ‘Venture Capital Network Mapping’. A company called GroupScope has released a product named LinkSViewer that will (according to their website): “… explore networks of not only Investors and Companies, but also of personnel interlock networks with Board Members and Management Teams. Additional…
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The Ebb and Flow of Goals and Personal Growth

Reading Time: 5 minutes I had a bit of an epiphany today, and thought I would share. But first, a little background…. Background Nearly 10 years ago I was at a crossroad. At that time I had some very tough decisions to make and had to seriously evaluate whether or not I should further my education or focus full-time…
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Philosophical videos on the web

Reading Time: < 1 minute I found a great post on today. This blog post, Online Videos of Philosophical Lectures, has a great collection of videos and lectures focusing on cognitive computing, consciousness, ethics, and evolution.

When Does Hoax "Journalism" Go Too Far?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today I happened to open up my RSS reader as I normally do and proceeded to read one of the more interesting Blogs I follow: Tim Boucher’s Pop Occulture. The latest article definitely caught my eye: Mel Gibson: Passion of the Terrorist ( In a nutshell, the article had cited a credible source (BBC News)…
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Creating music with Apple Garage Band

Reading Time: < 1 minute I started experimenting with Garage Band 3 earlier this week. I have to say that I’m very impressed with how intuitive it is to compose new songs. I do have a moderate musical background: 8+ years (throughout school) in various bands (concert, marching, jazz) and orchestra. But, none of it was really necessary while using…
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Converting RSS Reader XML to OPML

Reading Time: 2 minutes A little over a year ago I started using RSSReader to manage all of my RSS feeds. In that time, I’ve acculated a little over 100 different feeds. Since I recently switched over to a Mac I started searching for a comparable solution. One that immediately impressed me was Vienna for Mac OS X. I…
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Once you have Mac you'll never go back!

Reading Time: 2 minutes I made the leap this week and bought a Mac Book Pro! I have to say that so far I am pretty impressed. It’s fairly amazing that in my 20+ years of computer experience I have probably only clocked in a dozen hours or so using an Apple computer. And most of that time was…
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Simple recursive search and replace with perl

Reading Time: < 1 minute I recently needed to do a mass search and replace for some content on my website. I vaguely recalled doing this in the past with find, sed, and/or xargs so decided to ‘Google’. My memory was jogged when I found this example: find *.ext -type f -exec sed -i ‘s/OldText/NewText/’ {} \; and I was…
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Enabling plain text login for UW IMAP

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently had the fun task of upgrading IMAP on one of my older Linux servers. This server doesn’t get much use lately and I’m sad to say that I hadn’t upgraded the IMAP daemon since around 2000(IMAP4rev1 beta). Last night I noticed that I was unable to retrieve or delete any messages due to…
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My Fat Tire Obsession: Finding Fat Tire Beer in LA

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve never been too much of a beer fan, but I definitely do like darker beers, or beer with more flavor than your typical Bud. I experienced Fat Tire for the first time 2 years ago while visiting Denver, Colorado, and since that time I’ve been mildly obsessed with finding this beer in Los Angeles.…
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