Once you have Mac you'll never go back!

Once you have Mac you'll never go back!

I made the leap this week and bought a Mac Book Pro! I have to say that so far I am pretty impressed. It’s fairly amazing that in my 20+ years of computer experience I have probably only clocked in a dozen hours or so using an Apple computer. And most of that time was spent on either an Apple IIc or IIe learning Basic!

I’ve made some jumps in my computing platforms in the past, but this is the biggest one in a while.
Atari 600XL -> IBM 286PC XT (MSDOS 3.3)
IBM 386SX (DR DOS 5.0) -> IBM 486DX (Desqview/X) <== Yes, X-Windows for DOS back in the early 90s IBM 486DX2 (MS DOS 5.0) -> OS2/Warp
And a multitude of exposure to other hardware and Unix operating systems (SCO, Linux, BSD, DEC). Although I do tend to like Windows, I didn’t really classify this as any jump in computing since most improvements to Windows in the last 10 years have just been one unimpressive ‘upgrade’ after another.
Given my “long-term exposure” to Windows, and the PC platform in general, this switch seemed like it would be a big one at first. After using the Mac for the last day or so, I think my brain is starting to rewire itself 😉 From a UI and usability standpoint, I’m pretty impressed how everything just works. And the fact that the OS is BSD under the covers is pretty slick. BSDi was the first *nix OS that I learned over 10 years ago, so I feel right at home.
I’ve been having fun installing and exploring those once exclusive Mac-only applications:
Delicious Monster
I am still SO impressed that you can scan in your Book’s UPC using the built-in iSight webcam!
I’m sure I’ll be posting more articles as explore and discover new things with Mac.

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