Visual Network Tools for Investors and Companies

Visual Network Tools for Investors and Companies

I just finished reading an amazingly interesting article on Guy Kawasaki’s blog titled ‘Venture Capital Network Mapping’. A company called GroupScope has released a product named LinkSViewer that will (according to their website):

“… explore networks of not only Investors and Companies, but also of personnel interlock networks with Board Members and Management Teams. Additional features and updates will continue to expand its capabilities. LinkSViewer is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in the networks of Silicon Valley.”

One of the key things that excites me about this use of technology is the ‘aha factor’ you get with viewing data (in particular large amounts of data) visually. After looking at some of the sample maps, it’s easy to see how you can view relationships that may not have been apparent otherwise.

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  1. Bob Karr says:

    Thanks for enthusiasm for the LinkSViewer application and for sharing this with your network. We have worked closely together with them so that our data will be easily viewable to people who care about exploring networks.
    Bob Karr,CEO

  2. Eric Blue says:

    I think this is a great resource that you’re providing. And, I’m eager to check it out. Thanks!

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