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Ralph Waldo Emerson On Productivity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Leo at Zen Habits has posted another great article on productivity. The following is an excerpt from the article on Emerson’s thoughts on creativity and productivity. Write Everything Down “Men are born to write… Whatever he beholds or experiences, comes to him as a model and sits for its picture. He counts it all nonsense…
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ThinkBase: Visual Semantic Wiki

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thanks again to, I discovered an amazing site today called Thinkbase. “Thinkbase is a new way to navigate and explore information on the web. It is what we call a ‘Visual Wiki’. It is based on Freebase, an open, shared database of the world’s knowledge – in other words a Semantic Wiki. Thinkbase uses…
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Flash Slideshow Software

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most of my weekend was spent laboriously locating and consolidating my digital photo collection over the last 8 years. You would think that my nack for organization would have payed off in this area, but you’d be wrong. 😉 It took combing through 4 old hard drives, multiple Ghost images, an Iomega Peerless Drive, and…
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