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Weekly Lifestream for August 15th

Reading Time: 6 minutes Shared Taskjuggler – The Open Source Project Management Software – Home. Shared Taskjuggler – The Open Source Project Management Software – Download. Officially sold on Mint… budget in place with instant notification to email/sms if I’m reaching my spending limits. Low maint, high reward [ericblue] Shared GanttProject Home. Posted Weekly Lifestream for August 8th. Shared…
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Fitness Tracking Platform – Personal Informatics for Fitness

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I woke up this morning, I didn’t say to myself “Boy, I don’t have enough going on and need to add just ONE more huge hobby project to my list!”.  But these things tend to happen, and when creative ideas ‘pop up’ it’s best to take action and at least start writing them down. …
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Weekly Lifestream for July 18th

Reading Time: 7 minutes Shared Simple forms with Spring MVC 2.5 « JTeam Blog / JTeam: Enterprise Java, Open Source, software solutions, Amsterdam. Shared Chapter 14. View technologies. Posted Weekly Lifestream for July 11th. Waiting for an awe inspiring, insightful, or laugh out loud tweet…. standing by [ericblue] In a search for meaning mode, reading One Taste [ericblue] RT @modernhiker: new…
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Weekly Lifestream for June 6th

Reading Time: 3 minutes Posted Weekly Lifestream for May 30th. Had a great time in San Diego this weekend. Stayed at the Hotel del Coronado [ericblue] Shared Top 10 Javascript slideshows, carousels and sliders. Planning on dumping Flash for my Memex travel journal… looking for JS-based slideshow and video players [ericblue] Done with technology for the day…
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Weekly Lifestream for May 16th

Reading Time: 6 minutes Posted Weekly Lifestream for May 9th. Was planning on eating healthy today, then Rubios ‘presented itself’…. tomorrow is another day [ericblue] Found a hack solution to an occasional Firefox problem…. [ericblue] Firefox back/forward buttons not working? Find profile and move places.sqilte and places-journal.sqilte to backup. Restart. [ericblue] Shared Withings. RT @biz: Conan visits Google—this is…
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Weekly Lifestream for April 11th

Reading Time: 7 minutes I really need to start paying attention. Was outside walking around and didn’t even feel the 6.9 quake. Fun times. [ericblue] Posted Weekly Lifestream for April 4th. Shared Radiant Mind | Buddhist psychology and nondual therapy | Peter Fenner Ph.D. | buddhism, nondualism. RT @MichaelDeutch: "For fast-acting relief, try slowing down." – Lily Tomlin #quotes…
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Weekly Lifestream for January 7th

Reading Time: 6 minutes Published Weekly Lifestream for December 31st. Universal City Walk [ericblue] Just came from avatar (again). Now having 5-course dinner at Rock Sugar [ericblue] Pic from last night [ericblue] My computer has been temporarily ‘virtually’ resurrected until my new MB arrives. Running inside VMWare on a USB HD enclosure. It’s Alive! [ericblue] Shared Going…
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How To Create Your Own Personal Document Viewer (Like Scribd or Google Books)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Like most people, I have a large number of personal documents in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, PowerPoint, etc.). For the typical user, organizing these documents in a ‘My Documents’ folder and having MS Office/Open Office/Adobe Acrobat installed simply gets the job done. However, I’ve been looking for some sort of “Web 2.0” solution to view my documents while I’m on the go. And, since my knowledge manager is web-based, I’d like a way to browse and embed personal documents directly in my wiki without needing any special software.

Weekly Lifestream for December 31st

Reading Time: 6 minutes Shared Timeline Tutorial: Writing Your Timeline’s Web Page Body. Shared Data Source Java Library – About This Guide – Google Visualization API – Google Code. Published Weekly Lifestream for December 24th. Happy Holidays everyone! [ericblue] Shared Top 10 Open Source Web-Based Project Management Software. Shared Top 5 Linux Video Editor Software. Shared 10 Javascript &…
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Weekly Lifestream for December 24th

Reading Time: 5 minutes Shared iPhone Home Controller – Home Automation from your iTouch and iPhone. Five Laws of Human Nature [ericblue] Feeling sluuuuugish right now….. hoping some theta waves will help [ericblue] Published Weekly Lifestream for December 17th. Shared A Digital Life: Scientific American. Shared A Head For Detail | Fast Company. Shared MyLifeBits – Microsoft Research.…
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