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A Call To Action: The Need For A Common Mind Map File Format

Reading Time: 3 minutes Where We Are Call it a case of stating the obvious, but It seems like mind mapping has become more popular than ever. With the recent explosion of web-based mind mapping products (MindMeister, Mindomo, and others), there is going to be a great opportunity to bring mind maps to the masses. Mind mapping is not…
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SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/23/07)

Reading Time: 2 minutes My SDExpo adventure came to a close today. Overall, this year’s sessions were really great and I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. I picked up a lot of great information related to Agile methodologies (Scrum, Crystal Clear, Lean) and plan on incorporating them into my studies (and eventually my practice). Here’s a summary of the last…
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SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/22/07)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today was another information-packed day! I have to say that the sessions on agile methodologies turned out to be really great. Here are some of the highlights of the more interesting sessions I attended: Transitioning to Agile: A Guide to Good Practices in Context Michael Cohn, from Mountain Goat Software, gave an excellent presentation on…
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Review of Web-Based Mind Mapping Software

Reading Time: < 1 minute Chuck Frey recently published an article that shows a side-by-side feature comparision of some of the latest web-based mind map applications. The reviewed applications include Mindomo, MindMeister,, and Thinkature.

SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/21/07)

Reading Time: 4 minutes This year’s SDExpo West (Software Development Expo) conference was hosted at the Santa Clara Convention center in Santa Clara, California. The convention center is not far from San Fransisco and is located near the heart of “Silicon Valley”. Overall, the day turned out to be fun and very informative! The SDExpo conference focuses on many…
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Touch Down in Santa Clara

Reading Time: < 1 minute My plane arrived last night, and I’m eager to attend the SDEXPO (Software Development) here in Santa Clara, CA. There are some interesting sessions this year, and I’m sure there will be something to write about. I’ll post more later.

Interview with John Searle

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thanks to, I discovered that the Boston Globe recently interviewed John Searle, renowned philospher most famously known for his Chinese Room thought experiment. Link to the Q&A session is here.

Mind Map Search Engine

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was inspired today by two recent posts I read: 1) Getting Things Done: Search all GTD resources at once! 2) The Mind Mapping Software Weblog: Check out my mind mapping software “lens” I decided to test out Google Co-op and create my own custom search engine related to mind mapping. I created a list…
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Transhumanist Dictionary: Must Know Terms For The 21st Century

Reading Time: < 1 minute George Dvorsky, a blogger who writes about Transhumanism, has published an updated list of must know terms for today’s intelligentsia. George describes the list as follows: First, I am trying to come up with a list of the most fundamental and crucial terms that are coming to define and will soon re-define the human condition,…
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MindMeister – Web-based Mind Mapping

Reading Time: < 1 minute The other day Chuck Frey posted about a new web-based mindmapping service called MindMeister. MindMeister launched on February 7th and is currently in private beta. I requested an invite, so hopefully I can give it a test run. So far the service looks *very* promising. One of the more interesting features listed is the ability…
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