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Trends: The Semantic Web, Web2.0, and Social Networking

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s obviously hard these days to ignore the Web2.0 phenomenon (although the term still causes me to cringe), and the labels given to the forthcoming Semantic Web (the “real” semantic web or web<put your version number here>). See Mike Bergman’s post Please, Squash that Web3.0 Cockroach if you want to gauge a common reaction to…
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Lucid Chat – In Memoriam

Reading Time: 2 minutes In honor of its 10th year, I finally decided to officially retire the original site. Lucid Chat hasn’t been actively developed since 2000, and I figured it was time to focus on other projects. Although the site is still up (and probably will be for some time), I’ve put a memorial page in it’s…
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Web Trend Map

Reading Time: < 1 minute I recently came across a great map and article on the Underlying Blog. Information Architects has created a comprehensive web trend map that diagrams the 200 most successful websites on the web, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective.

The Future of the Web: Web 3.0 and Beyond!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tim Berners-Lee, father (Sire, actually) of web, was interviewed recently and provided his commentary on the vision for the future of the semantic web. Tim discusses some of the latest “terminology” that is somewhat related/intertwined with the semantic web: web2.0, web3.0, and even web4.0. He also touches on the origins of the web, what the…
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Web 2.0: Ignorance Meets Egoism Meets Bad Taste Meets Mob Rule

Reading Time: < 1 minute Signals vs. Noise recently posted an article: Is the web killing our culture?. In this article, the guys from 37 Signals discuss a new book from Andrew Keen titled The Cult of the Amateur: How today’s Internet is killing our culture. Keen sees the web, and “Web 2.0” in particular, as technology that enables mass…
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Speedlinks Using and Yahoo Pipes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week I started adding SpeedLinks to this blog. I’ve been looking for a good excuse to experiment with Yahoo Pipes for some time now. So, I wanted to find out if I could take the concept of the original Perl script I found, and create a pipe to do all the work (with little,…
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Microsoft Surface

Reading Time: < 1 minute From Popular Mechanics: Microsoft has quietly been developing the first completely new computing platform since the PC — a project that was given the internal code name Milan. This past March, when the project was still operating on the down low, I became the first reporter invited inside these offices. My hosts politely threatened legal…
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Advanced Network Performance Visualization

Reading Time: < 1 minute Information Aesthetics (infostetics) recently posted an intriguing article on a new network monitoring product called Netcosm. “Netcosm is one of many technology projects underway in the NetQoS Performance Labs and is one example of research on advanced visualization techniques to make complex network performance data simple…. Using color, shape, speed, size, changes in sound tone…
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How to Fix a Corrupt IPod/ITunes music database

Reading Time: 2 minutes The other week I posted an article about my IPod music and videos suddenly disappearing. I had some time this evening to start digging into the problem and came up with some interesting results. The first thing I did was backup my entire iPod (originally formatted under Windows). I was planning on restoring, and then…
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Where, O Where Did My iTunes Music Go?!?

Reading Time: < 1 minute So, I had looked at the clock and noticed it was already midnight. I thought to myself, “Before I go to bed, I’m going to buy a couple songs from the iTunes store that I was going to get earlier in the day”. I purchased the tracks without a hitch, was getting ready to close…
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