Relax With Some Rain and White Noise

Relax With Some Rain and White Noise

This week I stumbled across two similar sites that provide some pleasant auditory distraction through a simple web interface.
The first site SimplyNoise offers up some white, brown, and pink noise to help drown out distractions.  And the second site RainyMood plays a gentle 30-minute loop of rain to help you relax and wash your stress away.

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  1. has popped up on reddit several timesread this comment for some sage advice re: noise masking.
    tl;dr Listen to the brown/red noise, DO NOT listen to the white noise.

  2. ericblue76 says:

    Stephen, thanks for the tips. Definitely good tips (pasting 3 from the comment):
    * my favorite ocean waves generator( Only works on OS X and works best if you roll off the high end.
    * most anything from Bernie Krause ( will give you the space you need.
    * Cheap … solution: sign up for seven days of eMusic. Look here ( Pretty much every one of these albums is one or two tracks of actual recorded ambience, nearly all of it without that new-agey panflute shit over the top of it. With 25 free downloads, you can get damn near three straight workdays of non-repeating, unlooped background noise for absolutely free.

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