How to be Great!

How to be Great!

It’s been over a month, and I’m finally spending more time getting plugged back into the good ole’ blogosphere. I spent some time last night catching up on some of my favorite blogs, and was pleasantly surprised to find a great article (posted a few weeks ago) on LiteMind – How to be Great: Rising Above the Talent Myth. Here’s an excerpt:

“A genius! For 37 years I’ve practiced fourteen hours a day, and now they call me a genius!” –Pablo Sarasate (Spanish violinist)

Think of the greatest athlete, musician, artist or business professional that inspires you. The amazing talents that really stand out. Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods. Warren Buffett. They were each born with a special gift: wired from birth with talents and abilities that most of us don’t have access to, right?
Research is showing that it’s not that simple. In fact, many child prodigies don’t go on to major success in the area of their early gifts. And many of the greatest performers, athletes and business people never showed any early signs of aptitude.
So, how did they become great at what they do?
A couple of years ago I read an article by Geoffrey Colvin in Fortune, What It Takes To Be Great. The article is fascinating and delves into the question of innate abilities, usually referred as “the talent myth”.

Click here to continue reading the article (complete with links to download mindmaps). Thanks to Luciano @ LiteMind and, in particular, guest writer Don Campbell.

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  1. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the mention. I’m glad you liked the article.
    By th way – I love your mind map viewer and plan to use it the next time I do a post with an accompanying mind map!

  2. Here is recent Colvin’s writting:
    Why talent is overrated
    The conventional wisdom about “natural” talent is a myth. The real path to great performance is a matter of choice.

  3. Eric,
    Glad you enjoyed Don’s post. Thank you so much for your continued interest in Litemind articles, as well as your support!
    All the best!

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