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Creating the Ultimate Personal Travel Journal

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since I last posted about Vannevar Bush’s vision for a Personal Memex, I decided to focus my efforts on building an impressive personal travel journal, and share the results to illustrate the capabilities of a Memex.

As We May Think: Creating Your Own Personal Memex

Reading Time: 3 minutes The memex ( “memory extender”) is the name given by Vannevar Bush to the theoretical proto-hypertext computer system he proposed in his 1945 The Atlantic Monthly article As We May Think. The memex has influenced the development of subsequential hypertext and intellect augmenting computer systems. Bush’s vision for the memex extended far beyond a mechanism…
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Semantic Wikis and Faceted Browsing: The Ultimate Knowledge Database

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every 6 months or so I mix things up and alternate my primary area of focus between studying philosophy and pursuing my creative technical interests (e.g. my multitude of pet/geek projects). I decided to switch gears a couple weeks ago and have been back into academic mode. My primary focus has been studying the history…
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Want to Remember Everything You’ll Ever Learn?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Wired recently featured an intriguing article titled: Want to Remember Everything You’ll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm. Piotr Wozniak, a Polish Renaissance Man of sorts, has developed an algorithm and software product to help people learn and retain knowledge at amazing levels. This software, called SuperMemo… “is based on the insight that there is…
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Fingers and Toes Making Friends with Each Other

Reading Time: 2 minutes I wanted to take a minute and share what I’ve been working on recently. I’ve spent the last couple weeks setting up my new personal wiki.  My ultimate goal is to use a wiki, and other open source applications/tools, to act as a personal knowledge manager and learning aid.  I’ve also been evaluating a fantastic…
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MindMap Viewer: Share and Embed Mind Manager Maps Today

Reading Time: 2 minutes Background Earlier in the year, I posted about the need for a common mind map file format. With the proliferation of the next-generation mind mapping applications (e.g. MindMeister, Mindomo, etc.), the need to import/export in a standard way and to share mindmaps easily is becoming critical. As I discussed in my earlier post, I’m a…
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Extreme Videos: Kiwi and Rollerman

Reading Time: < 1 minute Two videos from YouTube, both extreme in their own way. The first video is from Jean-Yves Blondeau, a.k.a Rollerman, the owner and inventor of the world’s only 31-wheel roller super suit. Link to video on YouTube, here. The second video “Kiwi” is an animation about a Kiwi – a type of bird that cannot fly,…
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UFO Sighting

Reading Time: < 1 minute Is this a fake, a sign of the true coming of our reptilian overlords, or a viral marketing campaign for Halo? You decide! 😉

How Money "Really" Works

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thanks to ~C4Chaos, I discovered a great article and video detailing the history of banking and the Federal Reserve System. The Money Masters – How International Bankers Gained Control of America “The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private … all…
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Polyphasic Sleep

Reading Time: < 1 minute Steve Pavlina recently posted an interesting article recollecting his previous experience adjusting to a Polyphasic Sleep Cycle. “It’s been nearly a year since I terminated my polyphasic sleep experiment. If you didn’t follow that experiment, for 5-1/2 months (Oct 2005 – Apr 2006) I followed a pattern of sleeping about 20 minutes once every four…
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