The Quantified Self

The Quantified Self

Since my last post on Personal Informatics for Fitness Tracking I’ve been digging deeper into the emerging trend of self tracking (a.k.a personal informatics) and have come to realize that there are a lot more people out there interested in the same things as I am than I orginally thought.  Tracking knowledge is one thing, but detailed tracking of personal information (fitness, acvity level, sleep cycles, caffine intake, etc.) is something that require a fair degree of dedication (I’m sure obsessive compulsion helps with this).  So I’m glad to have come across a number of others who are really into this.  It seems we’re entering a new era of the Quantified Self.
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Self Tracking: The Quantified Life is Worth Living (About Gordon Bell)
Know Thyself: Tracking Every Facet of Life, from Sleep to Mood to Pain, 24/7/365
Writing apps for your TV is cool but nothing compared to Your body API. Where is the iBody appstore?
Quantified Self Intro Presentation

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