The Mind Mapping Manifesto

The Mind Mapping Manifesto

Chuck Frey, prolific mind mapping blogger and author, has published his new e-book “The Mind Mapping Manifesto“. Here’s a brief overview of the topics covered in the book:

  • The true cost of information overload and multi-tasking (it will open your eyes to a looming crisis)
  • What research proves about the benefits of mind mapping software in business (the productivity impact is substantial!)
  • Perspectives from 10 mind mappers on the impact this type of software has made on the way they think, plan and work.
  • A list of over 20 business applications where mind mapping software can be used to increase your efficiency
  • Ten tips on how to select the right mind mapping program for your needs
  • A checklist to help you identify your needs
  • Reviews of 5 top mind mapping programs that I personally recommend
  • My “best of” list of the programs that offer the greatest performance in 8 key areas.
  • A collection of over 50 resources where you can discover the best tools, resources and advice about mind mapping software

The primary aim of Chuck’s new book is to help business people become more aware that mind mapping can be a powerful tool in the workplace. The Mind Mapping Manifesto achieves this goal, and offers some fantastic advice on how to use mind mapping software to better deal with information overload, gain clarity on key projects and objectives, and become a much more efficient organizer. I would highly recommend this book to both people new to mind mapping, and those who are already seasoned mappers.
Chuck also dedicated a section of his book to allow a group of mind mapping experts to voice their opinion on the value of mind mapping software. This panel included some well known people in the mind mapping community. I’m honored that Chuck included me on this list as well. Here’s are some snippets of my opinion on the value of mind mapping software:

“In my experience, mind mapping is the perfect fusion of creativity
and organization, and has applications both personally and
professionally. In a personal context, the experience of creating
maps can be both a huge creativity booster and a technique for
clarifying and understanding your thought process. Mind maps
are a useful tool for self-discovery, summarizing and aggregating
huge volumes of information, and vastly improving your ability to
recall and act on that information.”
“In a business context, mind mapping is fundamentally about clearly
communicating thoughts, ideas, and concepts to others. During a
group meeting, regardless of each individual’s primary learning
style, mind maps greatly help to visually get everybody “on the same
page”. There is real value in being able to present complex ideas
in a visually pleasing format, and to let people focus on the big
picture of the idea you’re trying to get across. Mind mapping can
help improve the brainstorming process, act as an effective visual
aid during presentations, and has proved useful when it comes to
capturing meeting notes and summarizing discussions.”
“The applications for dealing with information overload and processing are vast, and being able to effectively prioritize, streamline, and act on relevant information is what distinguishes
successful, action-oriented individuals from others.”

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  1. I came across your blog whilst reading Chuck Frey’s e-book.
    You have a nice blog which I’ll bookmark and enjoy visiting.
    I’m involved with speech recognition as a productivity tool here in the UK.
    Peter Maddern

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