Chat With Me

Chat With Me

Google just recently released Google Talk Chatback. Chatback allows website owners and bloggers to embed Google Talk capabilities directly into their site, so their visitors and subscribers can get in touch with them and start chatting immediately. Talkback doesn’t require that the chat guests have an existing Google Talk account, or even have an email address.

“When they visit your site, they’ll see a badge like the one on the right showing your online status (available, busy, offline) and, if you’re available, they can just click and start chatting. Chatback uses the web-based Google Talk Gadget so your visitors don’t need to download anything. It opens in a new window so they can keep chatting with you even if they browse to other pages.

If I’m online and available, feel free to drop a note and say hi. 😉

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  1. hotzenplotz says:

    i see your morph with the woman in youtube.i know the quality of the clip was low but thats maybe youtube problem.
    what sort of software you use for it?
    i have somm freeware wath work well.
    i lik to shear some tricks and tips!
    if you are intresst mi email is:
    [email protected]

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