Theme Song to Morphing Faces of Beauty

Theme Song to Morphing Faces of Beauty

Last December, I was in a bit of a creative mood and decided to put together a video titled Morphing Faces of Beauty.
Summary from YouTube:

Using a computer generated photo of the ideal beautiful woman as a baseline(credited to, I fed this photo into a face transformer (from This transformer can convert a photo based on age, race, and other options into a new photo. I then used a morphing application to transition between these photos.

A few people have asked what song I used for the background music. And, the answer is that I actually created the song using Garage Band. I posted about my first song last July (titled “Transition”) in the article Creating Music With Apple Garage Band. I started work on a second song, but only partially finished. Then, a few months later I completed the song. As I was working on the Morphing Faces of Beauty video, I realized that this song would be the perfect fit.
Here is the song:

M3U Stream
MP3 File

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  1. Cool song in GarageBand: I have the Ft. Minor album and I don’t think it sounds anything like it. Is an album on the way?

  2. Eric Blue says:

    Thanks Kyle. No official plans for an album. But every few months I do like to tinker around and put together some short (30 sec – 2 minute) songs. Maybe some day 😉

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