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It’s been quite a while since I’ve regularly written a blog post.  I’m hoping to change that after the New Year and start writing regularly again as I have a lot to share, and much …

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Increasing number of articles dealing with philosophy and psychology. Topics include Integral philosophy, consciousness, and age old advice on how to live “the good life”.

Personal Development

Learn tips and tricks on GTD (Getting Things Done), goal setting, time management, and increasing your personal power.

Mind Mapping

Put mind mapping to use in your personal and professional life. Learn tips and techniques on enhancing creativity, accelerating learning, and increasing productivity.

Knowledge Management

My latest discoveries on personal knowledge management. Discover what PKM is all about, learn about the Semantic Web, and find out how to use Wikis to help track all of your important information.

Quantified Self

Quantified Self is a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking. There are number of posts on my device “hacking”, open source development, and my own quantified experiments.

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Speedlink: 2007-07-31
July 31, 2007 – 1:22 am | No Comment

467 + Ajax/Javascript/Dhtml examples and demos to download
Tags: ajax, inspiration, ui
Slow Leadership
Tags: leadership, management
introduction to meditation
Tags: meditation, mindfulness, mp3

Speedlink: 2007-07-26
July 26, 2007 – 1:21 am | No Comment

Google Architecture | High Scalability
Tags: architecture, google, technology
10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence
Perception is reality — the more self confidence you have, the more likely it is you’ll succeed.
Tags: lifehacks, personal_development, psychology
The Collected Works …

Speedlink: 2007-07-16
July 16, 2007 – 1:24 am | One Comment

The Cult of the Amateur – Andrew Keen – Books – Review – New York Times
Andrew Keen points out in his provocative new book, “The Cult of the Amateur,” Web 2.0 has a dark side
Tags: …

Speedlink: 2007-06-25
June 25, 2007 – 1:21 am | No Comment

Found 4 links
Amy Seeley | Latest News
Tags: music
Jesh de Rox
Tags: beauty, inspiration, photography
Video: Brian Tracy and One Great Little Goal-Setting Exercise
Tags: advice, goals, lifehack Knowledge, Wisdom and Ignorance
Tags: knowledge, wisdom
Dr. Seuss quotes
“I like nonsense, it …

Speedlink: 2007-06-20
June 20, 2007 – 6:45 am | No Comment

Web 2.0 Applications, Web 2.0 Sites, Web 2.0 Directory – FeedMyApp
Well, FeedMyApp is a directory where you could submit your (or not your) own web 2.0 app. Doing that “you feed your app” receiving many, …

Speedlink: 2007-06-14
June 14, 2007 – 1:16 am | No Comment

smoking_timeline_2070x1530.gif (GIF Image, 2070×1530 pixels) – Scaled (54%)
What happens to your body if you stop smoking right now?
Tags: health, speedlink, visualization
The Getting Things Done (GTD) FAQ | zen habits
Tags: faq, gtd, speedlink
The Ultimate RSS Toolbox …

Speedlink: 2007-06-12
June 12, 2007 – 12:47 am | No Comment

The Mind Mapping Software Weblog
Promising new web-based mind mapping app: Mind42
Tags: mindmap
touchgraph amazon browser – data visualization & visual design – information aesthetics
Touchgraph… it seems the visual information design & interactive features have been dramatically …