Day: July 24, 2011

Weekly Lifestream for July 24th

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shared Advanced Socket Programming. Posted Weekly Lifestream for July 17th. Shared Daniel’s Blog: Build your own operating system. Shared jQuery EasyUI – help you build your web page easily. Shared Genetic Music Project. RT @agaricus: We’re having a lively discussion of extrinsic vs. intrinsic rewards on the #quantifiedself forum: [ericblue] RT @duffmcduffee: Tiny wearable…
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MindStream – NeuroSky EEG Data Streamer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since I last posted on the NeuroSky Brainwave Visualizer, I decided to write a simple app to “stream” brainwave/EEG data from NeuroSky devices (the MindWave & MindSet).  I couldn’t find any apps to save the EEG data so I decided to write a system tray app that will save data to a file and broadcast…
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