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Kicking iTunes to the Curb

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve had a love/hate relationship with iTunes over the years and I’m happy to say that I’m finally moving on.  The major pain point I’m experiencing right now is with sync times.  I came to the realization that I’ve actually stopped listening to most of my music due to the simple fact that it takes…
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Relax With Some Rain and White Noise

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week I stumbled across two similar sites that provide some pleasant auditory distraction through a simple web interface. The first site SimplyNoise offers up some white, brown, and pink noise to help drown out distractions.  And the second site RainyMood plays a gentle 30-minute loop of rain to help you relax and wash your…
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Fifteen Power Tweaks

Reading Time: < 1 minute From LifeHacker: One of the best ways to discover new music online is with, a music recommendation community. serves you up new tunes based on a marriage of your unique preferences and the rest of the huge community. is a pretty simple way to listen to tunes, but there are a…
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Theme Song to Morphing Faces of Beauty

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last December, I was in a bit of a creative mood and decided to put together a video titled Morphing Faces of Beauty. Summary from YouTube: Using a computer generated photo of the ideal beautiful woman as a baseline(credited to, I fed this photo into a face transformer (from This transformer can convert…
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Burst – Visual Music Search Interface

Reading Time: < 1 minute Information Aesthetics recently posted about a new music visualization interface from Burst Labs. And, here’s a quick summary from NotCot: “The Discover interface of Burst Labs is mesmerizingly brilliant ~ and there’s a melody for every mood you could possibly feel or imagine, and truly one of the most refreshing flashy user experiences i’ve encountered…
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Pachelbel Rant

Reading Time: < 1 minute A little bit of music humor for the weekend…. Music Visualization

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lee Byron at has posted an article illustrating some visualization using the social music service.

How to Fix a Corrupt IPod/ITunes music database

Reading Time: 2 minutes The other week I posted an article about my IPod music and videos suddenly disappearing. I had some time this evening to start digging into the problem and came up with some interesting results. The first thing I did was backup my entire iPod (originally formatted under Windows). I was planning on restoring, and then…
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Alanis Parody ;)

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is smart, funny, and a great track! Alanis Morissette does a parody of the song “My Humps” from the Black Eyed Peas. Parody Original

Infected Mushroom: Becoming Insane!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Can Infected Mushroom get any better? These guys rock!