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Home Automation with Belkin Wemo, Twilio, and Siri

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ultimate Hack Mashup – Belkin Wemo + Twilio + Siri A quick note: For another home automation trick and those interested in finding out about the earlier Twillio callbox+TV popup/notification hack check out STEM ( ┬áCertain models of Samsung TVs allow popups for incoming phone calls for Samsung phones, but this can be extended to…
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Enabling plain text login for UW IMAP

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently had the fun task of upgrading IMAP on one of my older Linux servers. This server doesn’t get much use lately and I’m sad to say that I hadn’t upgraded the IMAP daemon since around 2000(IMAP4rev1 beta). Last night I noticed that I was unable to retrieve or delete any messages due to…
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