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How To Turn Your IPad Into A Virtual Monitor

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is a quick blog post, but a very nifty trick. At various times, I’ve used multiple monitors at work to increase productivity. I’ve usually done this using my 21″ monitor as the main screen, and my laptop display as the secondary. I’ve also used a handful of virtual desktop applications that let you create…
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Kicking iTunes to the Curb

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve had a love/hate relationship with iTunes over the years and I’m happy to say that I’m finally moving on.  The major pain point I’m experiencing right now is with sync times.  I came to the realization that I’ve actually stopped listening to most of my music due to the simple fact that it takes…
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Learning Faster – Automatically Extract Highlighted Text from PDF Documents

Reading Time: 8 minutes Overview I never really considered myself a “highlighter” until a couple years ago.  Back in school I would, on occasion, highlight some interesting passages while doing homework or reading books and jot them down later.  More often then not though many of those highlights would go to waste.  After all, what good are highlighting interesting…
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15 Effective Tools for Visual Knowledge Management

Reading Time: 9 minutes I’ve discovered a number of interesting applications that help people efficiently organize information. There certainly is no shortage of solutions for this problem domain. Many tools exist that offer the ability to discover, save, organize, search, and retrieve information.

Subscribe to the Top Personal Development Blogs

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thanks to Luciano at Litemind, I recently discovered an excellent resource that lists some of the top personal development blogs out there. PluginID has put together a page that lists the top (currently 65) personal development blogs according by Google PR, Technorati and Alexa ratings. I quickly discovered that while I was aware of most…
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The Mind Mapping Manifesto

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chuck Frey, prolific mind mapping blogger and author, has published his new e-book “The Mind Mapping Manifesto“. Here’s a brief overview of the topics covered in the book: The true cost of information overload and multi-tasking (it will open your eyes to a looming crisis) What research proves about the benefits of mind mapping software…
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How to Fix a Corrupt IPod/ITunes music database

Reading Time: 2 minutes The other week I posted an article about my IPod music and videos suddenly disappearing. I had some time this evening to start digging into the problem and came up with some interesting results. The first thing I did was backup my entire iPod (originally formatted under Windows). I was planning on restoring, and then…
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Business Rules of Thumb

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ben Casnocha, a 19 year-old entrepreneur and author, has created a wiki of Business Rules of Thumb. This repository already has a broad collection of quotes and advice, including topics on advertising, product development, negotiation, and investing. Here are a few of the editor’s picks: Before going into a partnership with someone, spend time with…
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The Ultimate Getting Things Done Index

Reading Time: < 1 minute I just subscribed to a fairly new Getting Things Done blog at A recent post caught my eye: The Ultimate Getting Things Done Index Keep track of GTD blogs, software, news, etc. all on one page!

Being Remarkable

Reading Time: < 1 minute Seth Godin recently posted 10 tips on “How to be remarkable“. Overall, this is really great advice and an inspiring post. For some reason tip #3 got my attention and made me laugh out loud. 3. Being noticed is not the same as being remarkable. Running down the street naked will get you noticed, but…
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