Month: November 2007

MindMap Viewer: Share and Embed Mind Manager Maps Today

Reading Time: 2 minutes Background Earlier in the year, I posted about the need for a common mind map file format. With the proliferation of the next-generation mind mapping applications (e.g. MindMeister, Mindomo, etc.), the need to import/export in a standard way and to share mindmaps easily is becoming critical. As I discussed in my earlier post, I’m a…
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Personal Learning Environments and Knowledge Management

Reading Time: 2 minutes For readers that know me, it’s not a stretch to say that I *love* learning new things. I’ve always been a bit of a self learner (autodidactic if you want to get technical), and a few years ago I started a search (a quest actually) for finding tools to help streamline the learning process. Over…
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gnizr: Open Source Semantic With Mashup Capability

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wow, now that’s a tall order to fill! And, it appears that gnizr has delivered that order. Gnizr (short for organizer) is one of the latest additions to the Google code repository, and this code-base has been donated from Image Matters LLC. I haven’t had a chance to install yet, but from looking over the…
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Trends: The Semantic Web, Web2.0, and Social Networking

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s obviously hard these days to ignore the Web2.0 phenomenon (although the term still causes me to cringe), and the labels given to the forthcoming Semantic Web (the “real” semantic web or web<put your version number here>). See Mike Bergman’s post Please, Squash that Web3.0 Cockroach if you want to gauge a common reaction to…
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24 Hours of Air Traffic Never Looked So Beautiful

Reading Time: < 1 minute Designer Aaron Koblin composited a day’s worth of FAA data to make some pretty fascinating (and deeply beautiful) animations. Source credit to NPR.