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Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Reading Time: < 1 minute Although things have been slightly hectic, I’ve still had some great chances to get in touch with the great outdoors. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been on a number of hikes and trips to the beach. Here are some photos

Off to PA!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Well, I’m off to Pennsylvania tomorrow and will be spending time with friends and family for the next 5 days. I plan to be less “plugged-in” than usual. But, I’m sure I’ll be Twittering away and catching up on my RSS feeds. I have a *ton* of blog posts I want to get done by…
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Creating the Ultimate Personal Travel Journal

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since I last posted about Vannevar Bush’s vision for a Personal Memex, I decided to focus my efforts on building an impressive personal travel journal, and share the results to illustrate the capabilities of a Memex.

I Hear the Florida Keys are Nice This Time of Year

Reading Time: < 1 minute In just a few hours I’m off to Florida for the next 5 days! I’ll be visiting my wife’s family in Tampa, then we’re heading down to the Keys on Monday. And, we’ll finish up the trip in Naples on the way back. All in all, it should be a fun time. I just recently…
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Hiking in Sedona, AZ

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’m still working on wrapping up my photo album from the trip. But, thought I would share a photoset that I uploaded to FlickR. These pictures are taken primarily at the Airport mesa and Bell Rock trails. The panaramic is a beautiful 360 degree picture at the top of the airport mesa.

My Travels This Week

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week is going to be jam packed. I’m leaving this evening to go on vacation to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Some of the notable places I’m stopping at are Las Vegas, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park. I’ll have sporadic net access, but I’ll try to post some pics.

SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/23/07)

Reading Time: 2 minutes My SDExpo adventure came to a close today. Overall, this year’s sessions were really great and I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. I picked up a lot of great information related to Agile methodologies (Scrum, Crystal Clear, Lean) and plan on incorporating them into my studies (and eventually my practice). Here’s a summary of the last…
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SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/22/07)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today was another information-packed day! I have to say that the sessions on agile methodologies turned out to be really great. Here are some of the highlights of the more interesting sessions I attended: Transitioning to Agile: A Guide to Good Practices in Context Michael Cohn, from Mountain Goat Software, gave an excellent presentation on…
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SDExpo 2007: Day in Review (3/21/07)

Reading Time: 4 minutes This year’s SDExpo West (Software Development Expo) conference was hosted at the Santa Clara Convention center in Santa Clara, California. The convention center is not far from San Fransisco and is located near the heart of “Silicon Valley”. Overall, the day turned out to be fun and very informative! The SDExpo conference focuses on many…
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Touch Down in Santa Clara

Reading Time: < 1 minute My plane arrived last night, and I’m eager to attend the SDEXPO (Software Development) here in Santa Clara, CA. There are some interesting sessions this year, and I’m sure there will be something to write about. I’ll post more later.