Month: November 2011

Jawbone UP API Discovery

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Saturday I stopped by the Apple store and picked up an UP device by Jawbone. The UP is a wristband and iPhone app that will track your fitness and sleep activity and help encourage you to live a more active life style. As with most of my Quantified Self gadets (Fitbit, Zeo, Withings, Neurosky, etc.) my first reaction was to “free my data”. Similar to my initial journey with the Fitbit, I was inspired to find an “unofficial” way to get access to the data.

Weekly Lifestream for November 27th

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shared JacksonInFiveMinutes – FasterXML Wiki. Posted Weekly Lifestream for November 20th. Shared FuseOverAmazon – s3fs – FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3 – Google Project Hosting. Shared Syncany – Open-source file synchronization and filesharing application. Shared Insecurity in the Jungle (disk). Shared EnigmaCurry. I’m happing for my increase in followers… Welcome 🙂 But, I’m…
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Weekly Lifestream for November 20th

Reading Time: 3 minutes Posted Weekly Lifestream for November 13th. Shared Install Picasa 3.5 in Linux. Back from a fantastic week of vacation with my family. I’m simultaneously very relaxed and incredibly behind with too much to do! 🙂 [ericblue] RT @eric_andersen: "Traditionally, you sit down with a vendor and they show you a 5- and 10-year road map.…
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Weekly Lifestream for November 13th

Reading Time: < 1 minute Posted Weekly Lifestream for November 6th. Satisfaction! Wi-Fi on my Virgin flight courtesy of @boingo … [ericblue] Its nice to be able to use the systems you build ….. Especially while in the air 🙂 [ericblue]

Weekly Lifestream for November 6th

Reading Time: 2 minutes Posted Weekly Lifestream for October 30th. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned Twitter, I just feel like I have Social Media fatigue these days [ericblue] Putting off upgrading to IOS 5. Is it worth it? [ericblue] Any #QuantifiedSelf er’s interesting in the Jawbone UP? Looks cool… [ericblue] Reaching the limits of MySQL… Cassandra, Hadoop/HBase or other…
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