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Apparently I'm a World Famous Hero

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Joseph Campbell on Creative Incubation

Reading Time: < 1 minute From the Power of Myth with Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers (p.115): MOYERS: You Write in The Mythic Image about the center of transformation, the idea of a sacred place where the temporal walls may dissolve to reveal a wonder.  What does it mean to have a sacred place? CAMPBELL: This is an absolute necessity…
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Ralph Waldo Emerson On Productivity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Leo at Zen Habits has posted another great article on productivity. The following is an excerpt from the article on Emerson’s thoughts on creativity and productivity. Write Everything Down “Men are born to write… Whatever he beholds or experiences, comes to him as a model and sits for its picture. He counts it all nonsense…
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Use Mind Maps to Achieve Your Goals

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why is it that the beginning of the year always feels electrical with the excitement of *this year* being the one where you achieve all of your most important goals? Like most people, starting on New Year’s, I spend time thinking about my goals, write many of them down, and start taking action. While I…
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My Vision Statement

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last month I posted about a new Internet phenomenon created by Malcolm Cohan. Malcolm’s idea is for people to create their own personal video vision statement. I signed up for an online seminar that was held on New Year’s day. The purpose of this seminar was to show you how to create your own video.…
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Vision Statement: The Power of Goal Visualization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Update: I’ve created my own vision statement, and posted here. I found an amazing video this evening on A gentleman from Australia named Malcolm Cohan has put together a fantastic production titled “Think It So” that illustrates the power of goal visualization. You can visit his website here. Or, his YouTube page here. His…
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WWFSMD Motivational Poster

Reading Time: < 1 minute This afternoon a friend of mine brought a nifty Motivational Poster Generator to my attention. Being that I’m a huge fan of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I decided to put this poster generator to good use. For those of you who would like to become more familiar with FSM, I’d recommend visiting (FSM image…
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Quote of the day and words to live by

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’m in the middle of reading Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Mastering the Art of Problem Solving. At the end of each chapter is a relevant quote, and I found one that is definitely worth sharing. To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the…
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