Month: October 2012

Weekly Lifestream for October 25th

Reading Time: < 1 minute Shared Pennsylvania Counties Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage License and More (C) []. Posted Weekly Lifestream for October 18th. Shared []. Shared WSDL Weather Shield for Arduino []. Shared (15) Startups: What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up? – Quora [].

Weekly Lifestream for October 18th

Reading Time: 2 minutes Posted Weekly Lifestream for October 11th. Shared Lean Agile approaches: Personal Kanban to manage personal development []. Shared Everything You Need to Build A CSS3 Responsive Fluid Layout | Queness []. Shared Garmin Forerunner tcx to Nike+ Converter & Uploader []. Shared Welcome to Cyndi’s List []. Shared Abrahm Coffman ยป jQuery Birthday Picker Form…
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Weekly Lifestream for October 11th

Reading Time: < 1 minute Posted Weekly Lifestream for October 4th. Social media cloaking device… temporarily removed! Hello everybody!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ [ericblue] Speaking of which I discovered the MOST effective productivty app- Self Control – turns off those pesky addictive sites [ericblue]

Weekly Lifestream for October 4th

Reading Time: < 1 minute Posted Weekly Lifestream for September 27th. My Garmin FR60 watch + HRM is dying ๐Ÿ™ Bought a Nike+ GPS watch + Polar HRM. Going to test drive for 1 month. Researching freeing my data. [ericblue] Already reading on how to ‘hack’ the Nike+ sensor onto my Vibram’s like I did with my Garmin foot pod…
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