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Ready, Fire, Aim

Reading Time: < 1 minute Steve Pavlina just posted 10 positive lessons learned in entrepreneurship. After reading this article, I am reminded that I still need to try out Steve’s 30 day trial.

The Ten Part Mental Fitness Program

Reading Time: < 1 minute I just finished reading a great article title The Ten Part Mental Fitness Program. In this article, the author Kelly Huston provides 10 tips for improving your way of thinking and approach to personal development. 1. Think About the Future 2. Create a Five-Year Vision 3. Take a Test Every Day 4. Think About Your…
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True Success Formula: Action + Visualizing = Actualizing!

Reading Time: 2 minutes I just finished reading an awesome post and discussion on Brian’s Blog on Zaadz. Brian posted a link to Dan Millman’s thoughts on The Secret. I’d like to first comment on Dan’s article, then on the comments that followed on Brian’s blog. Dan Millman, author of numerous self-help books such as Way of the Peaceful…
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Being Remarkable

Reading Time: < 1 minute Seth Godin recently posted 10 tips on “How to be remarkable“. Overall, this is really great advice and an inspiring post. For some reason tip #3 got my attention and made me laugh out loud. 3. Being noticed is not the same as being remarkable. Running down the street naked will get you noticed, but…
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Vision Statement: The Power of Goal Visualization

Reading Time: 3 minutes Update: I’ve created my own vision statement, and posted here. I found an amazing video this evening on A gentleman from Australia named Malcolm Cohan has put together a fantastic production titled “Think It So” that illustrates the power of goal visualization. You can visit his website here. Or, his YouTube page here. His…
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Analyzing Models of Change

Reading Time: < 1 minute Since my last post, The Ebb and Flow of Goals and Personal Growth, I’ve been digging deeper into the complex subject of change. I read a great post yesterday at The Practice of Leadership blog, titled The structures and tensions required to make change. George Ambler reviews 3 models/formulas dealing with change: The Paradigm Shift…
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The Ebb and Flow of Goals and Personal Growth

Reading Time: 5 minutes I had a bit of an epiphany today, and thought I would share. But first, a little background…. Background Nearly 10 years ago I was at a crossroad. At that time I had some very tough decisions to make and had to seriously evaluate whether or not I should further my education or focus full-time…
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