True Success Formula: Action + Visualizing = Actualizing!

True Success Formula: Action + Visualizing = Actualizing!

I just finished reading an awesome post and discussion on Brian’s Blog on Zaadz. Brian posted a link to Dan Millman’s thoughts on The Secret. I’d like to first comment on Dan’s article, then on the comments that followed on Brian’s blog.
Dan Millman, author of numerous self-help books such as Way of the Peaceful Warrior, recently provided a refreshing perspective on the uber cool DVD The Secret. His overall feedback on the The Secret was positive, but he offers some (I believe) well deserved constructive criticism on some of the magical thinking that surrounds the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. In a nutshell, wishful thinking by itself is not enough. There needs to be real action behind thoughts, desires, and wishes. Dan ended his post with a truly great, and applicable, quote from Henry David Thoreau:

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. Now put foundations under them.”

I briefly alluded to this on my recent post on Malcolm’s Cohen’s excellent Vision Statement meme that is hopefully going to get mass attention. Effective visualization brings about 3 key things:

1. Clarification – Know what you *really* want to do.
2. Focus – Repetition helps you narrow in on exactly what you need to do.
3. Passion – Adding emotion to your goals gives you the passion and energy to make things happen.

There were also a number of great comments on both Brian and Dan’s blogs. A few in particular really stuck out at me. The first (which inspired the title of this post) was from Nancy Shuford:

“Action + Visualizing = Actualizing”

What a great formula! And, Obi (Uberman) pointed out James Ray’s formula that he discussed on Larry King.

“You’ve gotta go 3-for-3!”
“… Your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions all need to be firing simultaneously in alignment.”

Definitely something to “think” about. 😉

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