Fingers and Toes Making Friends with Each Other

Fingers and Toes Making Friends with Each Other

I wanted to take a minute and share what I’ve been working on recently.
I’ve spent the last couple weeks setting up my new personal wiki.  My ultimate goal is to use a wiki, and other open source applications/tools, to act as a personal knowledge manager and learning aid.  I’ve also been evaluating a fantastic extension called Semantic MediaWiki (or SMW).  SMW essentially “upgrades” the capability of a wiki, which really is blobs of inter-related text by adding semantic meaning to various items in each page.
I figured I’d experiment and make a real-world application.  Since I was a teenager, I’ve been intrigued by dreaming, and lucid dreaming in particular.  And, starting last year, I experimented with keeping a consistent dream journal for about 4 months.  I managed to import all of the data into my semantic wiki and can now run some pretty elaborate searches on the dream actors, location, clarity/type (lucid or not), and major objects or themes in the dream.  With just 4 months of data it’s shown some interesting patterns and has started to give me insight into some of the dreams.  I’ve decided to keep up with the dream journal habit, and we’ll see what interesting things I can discover.
Now…. what’s with all the finger and toe mention?  I was searching for some lucid dream related articles a few minutes ago and came across this bizarre/interesting post on somebody who was having a lucid dream and decided to take acid (while he was in the dream, of course).
Here is an excerpt to think about:

“I can’t stop feeling like my life is a dream, that everyone I know is actually just a personality dreamt up by my own mind, that even my own self is an imagination, and that really there is nothing at all, nothing whatsoever, except for this one mind with no dimensions and no time that dreams up life to escape the horror of its utter isolation. I think I now understand the meaning of the Zen phrase “I alone am the world-honored one.”
Now I think that it must be truly horrible to be God, to be IT! Nothing else beyond you or apart from you, no help, no world, no god to pray to, no nothing except your own self. Maybe he couldn’t take it and blew himself up into fragments just so he’d have some company and something to do for a while, and that’s what our universe is. Maybe we are so frantic to live this life because we’re terrified of the truth, that we are all that is, and we are ALONE! We are fingers and toes making friends with eachother, making up stories and dramas so that we don’t have to think about the terrible eternal nothingness.”

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