Semantic Wikis Review

Semantic Wikis Review

I found a nifty PowerPoint presentation on a summary of Semantic Wikis (originally posted on I figured I’d share, and also give Scribd a whirl. With the recent release of their product called iPaper, Scribd offers an *Amazing* service that allows you to share and embed many different types of docs (namely PDF, PPT, DOC). I’m currently working on a way to use Scribd to embed PDFs directly into my Wiki. More on that later… for now, here is the embedded presentation:


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  1. ThinkBase: Visual Semantic Wiki
    Thanks again to, I discovered an amazing site today called Thinkbase. “Thinkbase is a new way to navigate and explore information on the web. It is what we call a ‘Visual Wiki’. It is based on Freebase, an…

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