Category: Knowledge Management

The Mind Mapping Manifesto

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chuck Frey, prolific mind mapping blogger and author, has published his new e-book “The Mind Mapping Manifesto“. Here’s a brief overview of the topics covered in the book: The true cost of information overload and multi-tasking (it will open your eyes to a looming crisis) What research proves about the benefits of mind mapping software…
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Document Management Systems (DMS) and Knowledge Management

Reading Time: 3 minutes When I first started using knowledge management applications (mainly traditional outliners), I had hoped that I could find the “One True Application” or OTA. The OTA is the single killer-app that contains all the features I could ever hope for, solves all of my problems, and automagically helps organize all my information. Well folks, I’ve…
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Fingers and Toes Making Friends with Each Other

Reading Time: 2 minutes I wanted to take a minute and share what I’ve been working on recently. I’ve spent the last couple weeks setting up my new personal wiki.  My ultimate goal is to use a wiki, and other open source applications/tools, to act as a personal knowledge manager and learning aid.  I’ve also been evaluating a fantastic…
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