BioFeedback, Mind Machines & Brain Entrainment

BioFeedback, Mind Machines & Brain Entrainment

I’ve had an interest in Biofeedback, Mind Machines, and Brainwave Entrainment for many years now.  Since my collection of links/bookmarks is starting to grow too large I decided to start putting them in a mindmap.  This map is by no means complete, but a very good start for people who are interested in this topic.  I’ve personally had a lot of experience with brainwave entrainment software, but am eager to try out some mindmachines in the near future.  Please check out what I have so far (I plan to update the map periodically as I find new information).

Download the MindMap in MindManager format
Or, view the map fullscreen in flash (freemind format)

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  1. Eric,
    I’ve dabbled in the brainwave entrainment stuff too.
    I have found it to absolutely useless to me.
    What would you suggest as the best and most effective on the market to date?

  2. ericblue76 says:

    Hi Wallace,
    I haven’t experimented at all (yet) with any mind machines, but I have experimented quite a bit with many different audio entrainment products. Like many things, your mileage may vary since the effectiveness probably varies person to person. And, I don’t think these products can ‘instantly’ put you into a desired brain state in a matter of minutes. But, I can say that over time you can definitely make a distinction between the various states (alpha vs. theta vs. beta) and some products do seem to work better than others.
    I’ve personally tried the following:
    * Brain Sync by Kelly Howell (I would highly recommend these)
    * Hemi-Sync by Robert Monroe
    – These programs might be too “new-agey” for some, but over time I can definitely tell a qualitative difference in states (like the difference between Focus 10 and Focus 12)
    * Holosync by Bill Harris
    – I would highly recommend Holosync, however many people are turned off by the marketing hype (myself included). Actually, let me restate: I highly recommend the Holosync “protocol”, not necessarily the product itself. There are some other free software products out there than can basically do the same thing that holosync does (See
    * Software-based products like Brainwave generator and Neuro-programmer 2
    Of all of these, I would probably give the highest recommendation to Neuro-programmer 2 since you have complete control over the program.

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    Need to dig into some of the latest bio/neurofeedback gadgets. I think a lot has changed since I posted last year [link to post]

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