Redesign Bliss!

Redesign Bliss!

It took a little bit of work, but the face lift is complete! The new redesign is finished, and both my original website and blog have been migrated to the WordPress blogging platform. I’ve been meaning to make the switch for a while, but was recently motivated to follow in the steps of some fellow bloggers (namely Chuck Frey and C4Chaos).
I was lucky to have found an amazing magazine-style theme, and am hoping that the new layout makes the site much easier to navigate and find content that’s useful to my readers. Here are some of the highlights of the new layout:

  • Complete integration between the original and my blog. They are now one in the same (my blog *is* my website)
  • New (clean) URL format, and automatic redirection of original URLs. Thanks to Luciano at LiteMind for recommending the Redirection WordPress plugin.
  • Highlight and Featured posts. Along with my regular posts, you can see the most interesting content right from the front page.
  • Top categories focusing on the best content: Mind Mapping, Personal Development, Knowledge Management, Technology, and Philosophy
  • Favorite posts widget featuring my favorite (and the most popular) posts
  • Better commenting and discussion: Support for Gravatar and widgets (in the footer) to see the most recent comments, and most commented on articles.
  • Links to get in touch with me and find me on the major social network sites (via Contact)

Please let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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5 Responses

  1. Looks great! The magazine layout followed by the blog-like post stream works well, once I scrolled down & found it!

  2. Chuck Frey says:

    Eric, this looks fantastic! Arthemia was one of the themes I looked it – it’s very functional, and lays out your blog’s content in a logical way that’s easy to follow. The only thing that seems a little odd is this comment form, where the first 3 fields are to the right of the blog post, and the comment field is below it. Otherwise, great work! I think you’re gonna absolutely love the power and flexibility of the WordPress platform!
    Chuck Frey
    The Mind Mapping Software Blog

  3. Great job, Eric.
    This looks terrific! I love the magazine-style front page.
    Ratz, it made me want to change my own site… 🙂

  4. ~C4Chaos says:

    looks great! if you feel like doing a bit of (hyper)streaming, i recommend Lifestream plugin –
    keep it flowing.

  5. ericblue76 says:

    Thanks for your kind comments and feedback. I was skeptical of the magazine style format at first, but as soon as I saw the Arthemia theme I knew it was the right one.
    Chuck, good point on the comment forms. That does seem a little odd… I’ll take a look into that.
    ~C, thanks for the tip! I’m sort of digging this idea of (hyper)streaming. I may just give it a whirl.

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