Comprehensive Mind Map Research and Reports

Comprehensive Mind Map Research and Reports

Chuck Frey, author and blogger of the Mind Mapping Software Blog, has recently consolidated all of his research and reports on mind mapping into a central location.
From Chuck’s newsletter:

During the past few years, I have published a variety of surveys, reports and resources that have helped to expand the global body of knowledge about visual mapping technology. As I released these reports, I blogged about them, and they quickly disappeared from view, replaced by newer blog posts. There wasn’t one convenient place where you could access them – until now.
I have just launched a new Reports & Research page on my blog, which gathers all of these valuable resources into one place. In particular, the results of the 3 surveys I’ve conducted contain a wealth of insights into the ways in which people utilize and benefit from mind mapping software.
I hope you find it useful!
Chuck Frey

You can checkout the research and reports here:

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