How to Unleash Your Creativity

How to Unleash Your Creativity

In a discussion with Scientific American Mind executive editor Mariette DiChristina, three noted experts on creativity, each with a very different perspective and background, reveal powerful ways to unleash your creat­ive self.

John Houtz is a psychologist and professor at Fordham University. His most recent book is The Educational Psychology of Creativity (Hamptom Press, 2002).
Julia Cameron is an award-winning poet, playwright and filmmaker. Her book The Artist’s Way (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 2002) has sold more than three million copies worldwide. Her latest book is The Writing Diet.
Robert Epstein is a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego. Contributing editors for Scientific American Mind and former editor in chief of Psychology Today, Epstein has written several books on creativity, including The Big Book of Creativity Games (McGraw-Hill, 2000).

One key take away I had from this article was Robert Epstein’s model of Four Different Competencies of Creative Expression:

  • “capturing” — preserving new ideas as they occur to you and doing so without judging them.
  • “challenging”— giving ourselves tough problems to solve.
  • “broadening” — The more diverse your knowledge, the more interesting the interconnections—so you can boost your creativity simply by learning interesting new things.
  • “surrounding” — which has to do with how you manage your physical and social environments.

Definitely an interesting read……

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