MindMap Viewer Plugin

MindMap Viewer Plugin

After a little bit of tinkering around, I created a Firefox plugin for the MindMap Viewer. The plugin adds a right-click menu option. Whenever you right-click on a supported mindmap URL/link and select ‘View MindMap’, the mindmap viewer will be launched in a new window.
Right-Click Context

You can download from here, just make sure to allow install from “eric-blue.com”:

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2 Responses

  1. Kaido says:

    Hi Eric,
    Cool idea!
    I installed that plugin and tested it with Mindjet MindManager Pro7 mindmap.
    It gave thiskind of error inside that opened window:
    Internal Server Error
    Error retriving file: status = 500
    What might be the reason?
    Mindmap link is here:

  2. Eric Blue says:

    Hi Kaido,
    Thanks for your comment! You’re right, the viewer is having problems converting certain MindManager 7 maps. I’m going to spend some time this week debugging, and should have a fix shortly.

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