Month: January 2007

New Blog Layout

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve just applied a new blog template. And, in the next few months I plan on making some gradual improvements to the overall layout, navigation, and features.

Maximise the Power of Your Brain

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tony Buzan is now on YouTube! The inventor/guru of mind mapping has posted a 5 minute video on mind maps. Check it out.

True Success Formula: Action + Visualizing = Actualizing!

Reading Time: 2 minutes I just finished reading an awesome post and discussion on Brian’s Blog on Zaadz. Brian posted a link to Dan Millman’s thoughts on The Secret. I’d like to first comment on Dan’s article, then on the comments that followed on Brian’s blog. Dan Millman, author of numerous self-help books such as Way of the Peaceful…
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Being Remarkable

Reading Time: < 1 minute Seth Godin recently posted 10 tips on “How to be remarkable“. Overall, this is really great advice and an inspiring post. For some reason tip #3 got my attention and made me laugh out loud. 3. Being noticed is not the same as being remarkable. Running down the street naked will get you noticed, but…
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52 Stress Reducers

Reading Time: < 1 minute 52 Proven Stress Reducers from the American Lung Association. I immediately took the advice of tip 10: “Don’t put up with something that doesn’t work right. If your alarm clock wallet, shoe laces, windshield wipers-whatever-are a constant aggravation, get them fixed or get new ones.” I’ve literally had *enough* of my annoying, loud alarm…
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Psychedelic Perspectives

Reading Time: < 1 minute I lucked out yesterday and stumbled across a new Trance album via Rhapsody’s just added RSS feed. The album is Psychadelic Perspectives from GOE a.k.a. Lukas Keller (@ Psychedelic Systems). I got into PsyTrance a couple years ago and have been a huge fan of Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, and Juno Reactor. I definitely have…
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Tiny Earth

Reading Time: < 1 minute This video helps put things into perspective.

World History Timeline – WOW!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Now this is an amazing timeline poster! I’d like to see somebody try to create a digital version of this using Simile Timeline. 😉