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Reading Time: < 1 minute Chuck Frey recently posted about an interesting application called WikiMindMap that represents Wikipedia entries in a mindmap format. WikiMindMap is a tool to browse easily and efficiently in Wiki content, inspired by the mindmap technique. Wiki pages in large public wiki’s, such as wikipedia, have become rich and complex documents. Thus, it is not allways…
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Interview with Steve Pavlina

Reading Time: 11 minutes C4Chaos (Coolmel) recently posted a great series of articles featuring an interview with Steve Pavlina.  I’m a big fan of Steve, and have a great affinity for Integral Philosophy as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and would highly recommend reading Coolmel’s posts. Article inline… B-SCAN is a series of interviews with bloggers who are…
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The Secret: Stuart Davis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Integral musician Stuart Davis was recently feaured on Ken Wilber’s blog. His post titled: The Secret: The Spirituality of Narcissism gives an interesting critique of the popular movie The Secret. Here are some key points: 1) The Secret is (partly) true “Our thoughts and feelings are of consequence, and positive thinking and feeling can significantly…
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Meditation and EEG

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mind Update, a blog from Transparent Corporation recently posted an interesting video on illustrating the effects of transcendental mediation using an EEG. This reminded me of a Ken Wilber video from a few months ago where he “stops his brain wave activity”. According to the video post on YouTube: That’s right, Ken can stop his…
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A Brief History of Holons

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve spent the last few months digging deeper into the works of Ken Wilber. I really enjoyed Kosmic Consciousness, and figured the next logical progression in reading Ken’s work would be to read “A Brief History of Everything”. While going through the book, I’ve also been referencing and reading various articles from IntegralWorld. I just…
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Integral Diagrams

Reading Time: < 1 minute I discovered a comprehensive collection of diagrams related to Integral Philosophy and Ken Wilber. Flickr Integral Diagrams Set Integral Diagrams Blog