Month: February 2007

11 Most Important Philosophical Quotations

Reading Time: < 1 minute An interesting collection of important quotes from famous philosophers….

My Vision Statement

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last month I posted about a new Internet phenomenon created by Malcolm Cohan. Malcolm’s idea is for people to create their own personal video vision statement. I signed up for an online seminar that was held on New Year’s day. The purpose of this seminar was to show you how to create your own video.…
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Web 2.0 In Just Under Five Minutes

Reading Time: < 1 minute I just found this video on YouTube….

The Google Master Plan: Comedy, Conspiracy, or Correct?

Reading Time: < 1 minute A few weeks ago, I first came across this tongue-in-cheek site that supposedly listed Google’s Master Plan online for the world to see. This is pretty funny stuff. – Clone Army? – GoogOIL? – Index All Sheep in the Universe? – Crop Circles? Today, I found Ozan Halici and J├╝rgen Mayer have created…
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