This application/service will allow users to take a variety of mind map formats, and display the maps inside a browser using a Java applet or Flash viewer. This means that maps can now be embedded directly into personal sites, wikis, or blogs using simple Javascript and iframes, and no need for your audience to have your specific mind mapping software in order to view your map!

The application essentially does the following:

* Downloads the mindmap at the provided URL (previously converted maps will be cached)
* Extract/convert the .mmap file to XML
* Translate to the FreeMind .mm format using XSL
* Embed or launch using the FreeMind Java Applet or Flash Viewer


For the initial release, MindManager from Mindjet is the only supported format (v5-v7). Enter a valid Mindjet MindMap (.mmap) URL (e.g. http://sample.org/mymap.mmap). If you want to share your map, click here.

Mindmap URL:
Embedded Preview