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This service will allow MyZeo users to download a copy of their sleep data using the Perl port (WebService::Zeo) of the published Zeo API. If you've already uploaded or synced your Zeo sleep data, you might be in luck! This is similar to the feature offered directly on the Zeo site, however given the uncertain future of Zeo, it's useful to have another service that will remain up if Zeo's main website goes down. This does obviously still rely on the Zeo API being available, but as of the last few days the main myzeo.com website was throwing server errors, while the API service remained up.


  • All high-level sleep record data (For most of the fields see the official Zeo PDF)
  • Detailed sleep state data (REM,DEEP,LIGHT, etc) is available at 5 minute intervals
  • All data is formatted in CSV - Check out this example


  • Exports sleep record data only - no journal data yet
  • Doesn't contain 1 minute interval sleep state data(not sure if this is even available via the API)
  • This hasn't been thoroughly tested downloading bulk data from multiple users - MyZeo may rate limit API requests


Note: Your credentials will not be saved! The only reason a username and password is required is due to the original Perl MyZeo API using Basic Auth, instead of OAuth. Once the download is complete, your session ends and the API requests that are needed for downloading data will discard the login info.


I love data, and all things Quantified Self! I firmly believe if you own a fitness, health or any personal recording device and you generate the data you should be able to own it, and get access to it easily. So, for the past few years I've developed a number of projects to help developers and everyday users 'free their data'. If you're interested in other efforts like this one, check out:

ActiveOS - The Wearables Insights Platform