Fitbit Hacks

I put this site together to share some of my code and other “hacks” for my Fitbit device. If you have any questions, or would like to contact me, you can visit my Contact page on my main site.  First of all, what exactly is a Fitbit? Chances are if you’ve stumbled here you have a pretty good idea. If not, Fitbit is a tiny magical device($99 USD) that automatically tracks your fitness and sleep statistics. Throughout the day it will track your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, your activity level, and even track your sleep patterns. All of this data is synced wirelessly through your base station to Fitbit’s website where you can get very detailed daily and historical graphs. The main benefit is that you can be conscious of and keep track of your fitness level, food your eating, and how well you’re sleeping so you can make better choices throughout the day.

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