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About This Blog

Welcome to my digital home! I have many interests, and created this blog in 2004 to share my thoughts and discoveries on a wide range of topics. My 3 primary areas of focus are Technology, Philosophy, and Personal Development. You can often find me writing about the following:

  • Self-Tracking and the Quantified Self
  • Mind Mapping
  • Personal Development: GTD, Goal Setting, Life Hacks
  • Software Development, Semantic Web, Wikis
  • Knowledge Management
  • Learning

Personal Bio

Hi, I’m Eric Blue. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA (originally from Johnstown, PA), and am passionate about the quantified self movement, technology, mind mapping, productivity, knowledge management, and philosophy.

I also enjoy numerous outdoor activities. You can often find me running by the beach, hiking in the Santa Monica mountains with my wife, or biking along the coast.

My Vision Statement

The following video (created in 2007) is my personal Vision Statement.

Professional Bio

* Goal-oriented technology professional with 15+ years in the Internet industry.

* Diverse technical background with a strong emphasis on enterprise architecture, web application development, system administration, and network engineering.

* Developer of innovative products and solutions for both small and large organizations. Successful deployments for companies with 5+ million customers.

* Proven track record of engineering team leadership: Development manager, technical lead, and project manager. Extensive experience with all phases of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

* Passion for organization, efficiency, and process improvements.

* Experience with complex, multi-organizational technical integrations.

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Systems architecture/integration/design, OOAD, Java, J2EE, Eclipse, C, Perl, JavaScript, Database (Oracle, MySQL), SQL, PL/SQL, Apache, Tomcat, JSP, SOAP (gSOAP, AXIS, SOAP::Lite), AJAX, LDAP(OpenLDAP, Netscape, iPlanet), ORM, iBatis, Spring, Groovy/Grails, UML, ERD, XML, XSLT, Extensive ISP and LAN/WAN background (Cisco, Frame Relay, BGP, OSPF, RIPv1/v2, IEGRP, ATM), System Administration, Linux, Solaris, RADIUS, Wireless 802.11*, and many other technology-related acronyms

The Logo?

Before I explain, I will tell you the truth: Yes, I do belong to a secret geek society!

If you frequent my blog, come across my comments on the blogosphere, or chat with me on IM, you’ll notice the following logo:

Although I’ve updated the logo when I redesigned my site, the original is actually from the Eric Conspiracy Secret Labratory:

What Is The Eric Conspiracy?

Around 1987 someone on the newsgroup talk.bizarre uttered a semi-incoherent rant observing that there seemed to be an awful lot of hackers named Eric around — “and have you noticed” (he said) “that they all have moustaches and they’re all UNIX system manglers?” He then opined that these must be the secret signs of an insidious conspiracy.

Although I’m not “officially” listed as member, I’m hoping my initiation will go through any day now…. ;)

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